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Do You Need a Security System?

Numerous studies show that homes without security systems are 3x more likely to be burglarized. Security systems serve to protect and secure access points to your home such as doors and windows in order to deter and detect crime. Security Cameras and Landscape Lighting can be valuable tools to remove hard to see or shadowed areas outside your home where someone could hide. Before you invest in a security system, it is important to understand the different types of security options, as well as the pros and cons.

Security Cameras

Our government certified electricians at Golden Leaf Electrical can install complete surveillance systems throughout your home, including motion sensor activated alarms and outdoor security cameras with remote viewing options on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. We’ll inspect the area for installation, make recommendations, and discuss the best options with you. Depending on your need of security level, we are able to plan out a custom surveillance system layout, specific for your home. Security cameras are often used for monitoring when the homeowners are out of town, or to watch for deliveries and various service personnel such as cleaners, landscapers and caregivers.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion activated lighting is essential for entry points to your home, not only for your safety, but in order to deter potential burglars. Highlighting pathways leading up to your home also helps you and your guests identify dangerous fall hazards.

Landscape Lighting

Why landscape lighting? Outdoor lighting helps to illuminate, beautify, and provide extra usability to your home. External lighting serves to provide safety and aesthetics to outside areas after the sun goes down, so you can enjoy the space you have no matter the time of day. 

Aesthetics: Outdoor lighting helps to bring detail and texture to points in your home that would otherwise be hidden by shadows. Architectural details can be accentuated and brought to life at night.

Safety: Pathway lighting, lamp posts, and motion activated lights help to alert you and your guests of potential hazards such as changes in elevation, steps, or debris. 

Usability: Landscape lighting can help to prolong the time you are able to spend comfortably outdoors. Turn your backyard or patio into space to entertain or relax in the evening. 

Security: A well-lit home serves as a major deterrent to suspicious activity and helps to eliminate areas of concealment around your property.

Our electrician will complete a thorough walkthrough with you to assess your security needs. We’ll look for concealed areas that may pose issues and advise you on the best outdoor lighting solution for your home. 

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