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Residential Light Fixture Installations

Our licensed residential electricians will provide you with various ideas and lighting design suggestions to make your living space more functional and enjoyable. Whether it be adding a dimmer switch, pot light, chandelier, or under cabinet lighting, we can help. Proper lighting can help to eliminate shadows that make a room appear much smaller than it actually is. The right light fixture can completely transform a small, crowded looking room into a much more usable space. Our electricians each have over 15+ years with residential lighting design, so you can rest assured that we will discuss an optimal lighting layout with you.

Appliance Circuits

Our electricians at Golden Leaf Electrical have completed thousands of kitchen renovations for happy customers all over the Greater Vancouver area. When planning your kitchen renovation, it is important to consider the implementation of correct outlets for all of your kitchen appliances. Kitchen appliances are some of the largest consumers of energy in the household, therefore they often need dedicated circuits to prevent damage to your home’s electrical system. Ensure that you hire an expert electrician to check your outlets and the requirements of your new appliances. When too many appliances are connected to a single circuit, the circuit may frequently trip which can cause much larger problems in the future. Our expert electricians will review your home electrical system and determine what your new appliances will require while completing all work under electrical safety standards.

Commercial Fixture Installations

Our professional team of electricians can provide your small or large business with a variety of electrical solutions. Whether you need work completed in a retail store, office building, recreational facility, or manufacturing building, our electricians are more than capable. We can install exit signs, signage, various light fixtures, outlets, dedicated computer circuits, data communication lines, electrical heating systems, security cameras, and more. 

Electrical Heating

Electrical heating systems are becoming the popular eco-friendly choice in the Greater Vancouver area due to their affordability and ease of use. Common electrical heating solutions include in-floor heating, baseboard heaters, electrical hot water tanks, and more. All installations should be done by a licensed electrician to ensure that your heating solution is being installed up to code and follows all safety regulations.

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